About American Systems & Installations

Who We Are

ASI is a 100% woman owned business in Eastern Pennsylvania. We have an office located in the Pocono Mountains; the office is situated in the North east Pennsylvania, close to New Jersey and New York. We also have easy access via Route I-78 and I-80 Expressways to New York, Delaware, New Jersey and Philadelphia. ASI is a member of the New Jersey chapter of AWI (American Woodworking Institute, a national organization, all our work is held to the AWI standards of conduct and construction.

ASI has been in business since 2013 and we have leveraged over 100 years of combined knowledge within our team of expert associates. We are a Sound Solution company, that provides, Wall & Ceiling Panels, using space age technology providing you with hanging or fixed panels, modules for large open offices, as well and other permanent and temporary sound control structures, devices or fixtures.

From first thought through installation, we can give your project the WOW factor you are looking for. Our team will work with you to bring your vision to fruition, to give your completed project pride in ownership for you and your customers for years to come.

We have been the hosts of yearly Conference for Project management, Financial Management, and other seminars given by the AWI Speakers Bureau. We open the conferences to National and have had Florida, Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Polish and Irish Members participate in our Seminars and conferences because of our standards known in our industry.

Because of the connection with AWI, we have exposure to European companies with likeminded businesses. We have consultants with companies in Ireland, Italy and Poland helping us to expand our company to Europe in an ever-expanding world trade. We can help you from start to finish with our available experts and team here in Pennsylvania and with our extended team and consultants in Ireland, Italy and Poland.

We can help you with part of your contract or from start to finish.

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