Custom Acoustical Solutions

What We Do

ASI’s passion is to give you what you expect, we want you to have the same pride we have of our work and give you the wow you want in your project, we want to push the boundaries in our Industry.

Acoustical panels have come a long way in their design and effectiveness in just a few short years. Materials and Technologies used today allow us to create panels or surfaces that not only a deaden or lessen sound, but also provide a beautiful, vibrant, and comfortable space. These panels and surfaces can have micro or mini perforations or holes that are so small you can barely see them, or elongated cuts in wood, plastic polymers, or other materials of your choice.

Along with these wood and polymer materials, you can also choose from fabrics or soft density materials that can be painted, printed with any design or photo you dream of, and have your finished product suspended, glued or mounted in frames that are affixed to walls or ceilings. Panels can make a mural, a design or just an interesting space for work, play, or Study.

Custom panels can be hard mounted or suspended from wires, with specialized systems that isolate the vibration and resultant sound of the suspension mechanism. Wires are installed with small isolation washers that have the effect or quieting the suspending mechanisms to present beautiful shapes in midair. Suspended Panels can be used in Pubs and Restaurants, deadening unwanted noise and creating interesting and beautiful floating panels that capture unwanted noise in large or smaller spaces.

This helps you, your employees, and your customer relax or conduct business etc. in a more relaxed and stress-free environment. We also can provide temporary dividers that can be used to change the shape of a meeting room and provide privacy for events.

ASI’s Expert Installation Technicians are there to provide you with the great experience you deserve, and are Bonded corporately by us. They are highly trained professionals that understand the intricacies of the various high-tech materials and systems that we provide and what it takes to provide a beautiful and safe installation.  You can be confidant that you will be satisfied with your finished product.

Contact us to discuss how we can help create a space that is more enjoyable, less stressed and more productive!